Friday, May 2, 2008

foto follies, part 1...

it is very clear from my last post that 'miss katherine' and 'mr. steve' martin (photographer) became very well acquainted following her birth... yes, i took katherine at least every three months to MARTIN STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY to have her pictures taken. it was mutually a gratifying experience for all parties involved...

until katherine turned one.

at the age of one, i wanted a large portrait of her to hang in our formal living room. so, two weeks before her first birthday, we went to see mr. steve.

the sitting was a disaster!!!

katherine had been walking for three months, and she certainly wasn't going to stop for mr. steve to capture a picture. after an hour and a half of hard labor and graying hair , mr. steve was only able to get a few shots. he told me he wasn't sure he had gotten the shot that he knew i wanted.

when the proofs were ready, mrs. campbell (martin's receptionist) called to say that i could drop by the studio and have a look at the the proofs. i did. steve was right... there were really none there from which to choose

but, i had my heart set on the perfect year-old 20x24 portrait!!!

so, much to mr. steve's chagrin (i'm sure, lol;), i rescheduled...

i came armed for the second, portrait sitting bearing one of katherine's favorite CARL books, some blocks, and a box of raisins. we were ready... i had even given a pep talk to my year-old bundle of pure joy and reiterated several times (about a thousand)that if she were good for mr. steve that we would stop for ice cream.

a good girl=ice cream... a good girl=ice cream... a good girl=ice cream...

mr. steve had the studio ready for us to get started as soon as we came through the studio door. snap, snap, snap... things were going great. mr. steve had given katherine some little dot stickers to stick in her books. she was actually sitting still, and i was beaming... until he said it, "these are some really cute shots, dani. but, these aren't what you really want for your portrait; is it!!?!?"

no, it was not... the portrait i wanted didn't include books and stickers:/

"we're going to have to do something different, here," he continued (with his "deer-in-the-headlights" look i remembered from the previous sitting).

"ok. " i thought... "the raisins!!!" i pulled out the box of raisins while steve's assistant grabbed a queen-ann stool upon which to sit my little dear...

i placed her on the stool and preceded to shake a few raisins into my hand. one at a time, she poked 4 or 5 into her mouth. mr. steve and i both knew we had a very small window to get "THE SHOT"...

so, i quickly backed away from her, and steve started shooting... then abruptly stopped.

this isn't it, dani:[!!!
i can't get her to smile with a mouth-full of raisins.
i obviously hadn't thought ahead...

steve approached katherine and knelt down in front of her. he told her to finish chewing and to swallow the raisins (in baby talk, GOD love him...)

it was then that she did it...

she took one of his hands in both of hers and spat all the raisin encasements as well as slobber into his hand.

there was a second where i, to this day, believe all henderson stood still.

with a hand full of what looked like chewing tobacco spit, steve turned to me (i was not breathing) :0

my immediate thougt was, "grab katherine and run like hell!!!"

but, steve quietly arose and left the room to wash his hand. i wasn't sure he was going to return. however, he did. with a bright red face, he quietly snap, snap, snapped a few more poses. and, with that, he proclaimed the end of the sitting.

"good girl!!!" i tongue-in-cheek smiled at katherine.

"ice keem!!!" katherine exclaimed back to me (sporting the smile steve had been laboring to capture)...

i grabbed all of katherine's things, apologized several times (about a thousand) for the unfortunate, raisin incident, thanked mr. steve, and quickly exited the studio curtsying as i did so.

the picture i chose...

was the one with a mouth FULL of raisins.

love and blessings,

dani xx be continued...


Moonpie said...

That's the story, chick!!!!!! I love that picture because of that great story!!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

So cute! I love how you remember so many details of that priceless event! You are a great mama!!

dani said...
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dani said...

ashley, i honestly think i was blessed with the memory of an elephant. it's scary, but i can even remember vividly sleeping in my crib and describe everything around it by texture and color. and, it's not because i've seen pictures because there aren't any.
i think that should have been one of my quirks come to think of it, hahaha...
i hope you have a great weekend:D

dani said...

yeah, d... the story definitely makes the picture. i couldn't have even begun to have chosen a different shot...

Tanya said...

That is just the cutest!! Dani your daughter is so beautiful... I read the previous post & looked through the album! Just gorgeous! they sure do grow up so fast! have a great day!

Tabitha said...

Oh my goodness ~ that is a great story Dani ~ I laughed so much ~ that is what I love about children (and why I work with them!!) ~ they are just totally un predictable!!!
What a gorgeous photo and who would know the story behind it just by looking at it ~ she looks so sweet (and not like she is just about to spit raisins into Mr Steves hand ha ha!!!)
I take it you did go back again ~ as there are later photos in the album you did (no raisins those times I presume lol!!!).
love and hugs
Tabitha X

E and T said...

Hi Dani

That picture is worth a thousand words - priceless. What does your Katherine think of her antics? I bet Mr Steve was sure glad you didn't think third time lucky and try again for another photo shoot.

This photo certainly captures a moment in time, one that you will never forget and one that provides so much enjoyment when shared.

Love and hugs

dani said...

hi, tanya...
thank you:D yes, they grow up waaaaaaay more quickly than i ever imagined.
i am just so blessed that i was chosen to be katherine's mother... precocious little girl antics, raisins, et. al.!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

hey, tabitha...
yes, we went back; mr. steve even had to do a location shoot with her for a downtown business (hence the "part 1") in the title, HA!!!
i am a portrait snob; and martin studio is the best anywhere near us!!! my scans and picture of the portrait doesn't do martin's work justice.
mr. steve's father, joe, did all my childhood photography... plus my senior, engagement, bridal, and valentine's pictures (for john). the family is a HUGE name in photography in this part of the us.
i figured he and i would just have to "suck it up". and, lol, for the most part we did!!!
my unpredictable little one turned into the most docile, predictable young lady you'd ever meet, however, at about the age of 5 and has been since then (knock on wood).
i hope you, daniel, and lauren have had a fab day!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

hi, elise...
yes, that particular photo is difinitely worth a thousand (plus a few mr. steve might would've liked to have added if he hadn't been such a gentleman, HA!)
now, katherine just shakes her head and laughs always asking, "how'd i get so shy???"
she is very demure and sweet, now... and a little shy. but she's no wall flower. she stood before her whole student body last year and gave a speech while campaigning for president of the student council and was elected. she's just more reserved these days, i think.
as far as the third time's a charm. yes, i'm certain he was especially happy i didn't go that route, however, when i saw the proof of katherine with a mouth FULL of raisins (though it was not what i originally had my thought i wanted), i couldn't NOT choose it. it just spoke volumes about katherine at one:D
dani xx

Amanda said...

Every picture tells a story!!
A very true comment in this case:)
It is a lovely picture, though. Raisins and all!
I use bribary all the time with my boys ~ guess what ~ usually works!

Love Amanda x

dani said...

thank you, and i am all about "WHAT EVER WORKS!!!" haha!!!
have a lovely evening... wine, movie, et. al...
love and hugs,
dani xx

Anonymous said...

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