Sunday, May 18, 2008

a man and his "hog"...

katherine, maggie, and i were snuggling in kat's bed watching a movie about an hour ago when john, with a big grin on his face, stuck his head in her door to say he was going for a ride... on his motorcycle (dani rolled her eyes while shaking her head).

"BE CAREFUL!!!" i said as he turned to leave.
"i'm ALWAYS careful..." he replied.

his careful and mine are NOT the same. i do hope he is having a great ride. the weaher is amazing today, and sunday traffic is usually light. however, a couple of months ago on a sunday just like today i had a real scare while 'my boy' was out playing on his 'hog'.

john had been gone for a couple of hours. i really hadn't expected him to be gone quite that long because although it was a beautiful, sunny day, it was rather cool. another half hour or so passed, and i started to get a little anxious. (it didn't help that the day before i had told my great uncle that i'd gotten john a new harley davidson jacket and gloves and he had replied that i'd be buying him a coffin next.)

as i've said before, we live just a half a block from the busiest street in our small town. well, the next thing i knew i heard sirens racing down that street. i opened the blinds. i saw two or three police cruisers followed by two fire trucks followed by two ambulances with two more police cars bringing up the rear.

"i wonder what's going on???" katherine inquired.
i was wondering the same thing and secretly praying it didn't involve john.

i sat and became more and more anxious until i couldn't stand it any longer. after hearing more sirens going in the same direction, i got up put on my tennis shoes and grabbed my keys.

"where are you going???" katherine asked.
"i think i'm going to take the commander to the car wash," i lied. i didn't want her to start worrying too.

all the emergency vehicles were heading south from my house. they could only go so far before they would no longer be in the city limits (at which point the state/county as opposed to the city would have been called to respond).

i got in the jeep and headed south. i didn't see anything. the street that i was referring to ends in a Y (you either have to merge to the right or to the left. i merged to the left and followed it to a by-pass that runs between the two branches of the road. i still saw nothing.

however, after travelling about a half a mile on the bypass i could see that there, indeed, had been an accident!!! as i got closer, i saw the police cars alining the shoulder of the highway. the police were pulling what looked to me like john's red and black motorcycle out of a ditch. i could see that there was also a dark green mini-van involved in the accident.

even though there was relatively no traffic on the road there was still a police officer directing traffic around the accident. i rolled my window down to express my concern that the bike belonged to my husband. the police officer motioned me on without giving me the time of day. so i quickly pulled over to the shoulder on my side of the road.

i leaned my head out the window and yelled, "I THINK THAT MAY BE MY HUSBAND'S BIKE!!!"
"YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO KEEP MOVING MISS. I HAVE TO KEEP THE TRAFFIC MOVING!!!" the officer heatedly replied. (by the way... there was one car behind me that had already gone around me and no other cars in sight!!!)
again and louder, i repeated myself.

another police officer at the scene, started walking toward me telling the first officer he would take care of the situation. very nicely he helped me make a U-turn (where i would be located on the same side of the road as the accident). when i came to a stop, he asked me if he could help me.

i told him that my husband had been out riding his motorcycle and that the one i saw them pull from the ditch looked like his at least from a distance. he said he didn't think it was my husband because the man who was in the accident had a woman on the bike with him who he told the police was his wife... the officer flashed me a sheepish grin. "at least i hope that wasn't YOUR husband..."

i knew immediately it was not him. he has never let anyone ride with him!!! as a matter of fact the only time anyone other than him had even been on the bike was katherine and her bff hannah for a picture (see above)...

"orachonda???" was the next thing i understood him to say to me.
i said, "no, my husband's last name is 'berrong'."
"i don't know what the man's last name was; but it was an orange honda we pulled out of the ditch, ma'am..."
"an orange honda???" i asked. (conclusive relief!!!) "my husband rides a red and black harley. it is definitely NOT his..."
"no, that bike is an orangie-red honda, miss. i think the couple riding are ok; we sent them to the hospital so that they could be checked for abrasions and bruises."

i thanked him, thanked him, and thanked him again.
i drove away thankful that it wasn't john's bike i saw, thankful that the people who'd been riding on that bike were alright, and hopeful that john would be home and safe upon my return.

and... he was!!! thank you, GOD!!!

"orachonda!!! i thought he was talking about the owner of the bike's last name...
he had to have thought i was one dingy broad... (on occasion he'd be right!!!)

love and blessings,
dani xx


Tabitha said...

Goodness Dani, that does sound like a worrying time!!
I always hate it when I hear sirens!!
Hope your weekend was relaxing!!
love and hugs, Tabitha XX

dani said...

it was very relaxing, and i am relaxed again... as john made it home safely. (i hate motorcycles!!!)
i hope yours was as well:D
d xx

caitlin said...

I am so glad everything is all right, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to enjoy a good laugh!!

What are you doing buying your husband a motorcycle?? Are you crazy?!?!

Hopefully John stays safe with that thing...

Kendra said...

You are so funny. I could so see me doing something like that too! lol

Glad everything turned out okay and that we were all able to get a good laugh out of the story!

Have a good week.

Allikaye's Mama said...

I loved that! You sound just like me! I m a nervous wreck about stuff like that! You're so funny!!

dani said...

i didn't buy him the motorcycle; i just bought him a harley jacket and gloves. HE'S THE ONE THAT BOUGHT THE HOG!!! HE'S THE ONE THATS CRAZY!!!
d xx

dani said...

hey kendra...
yeah, i was glad all was well, too. he wants to take that thing cross country.
i might need some prozac for that one:/
d xx

dani said...

i know, ashley, right???
it could have been like one of the other 24,999 people that live here in that wreck; but i was sure it was john.
i know when i saw them pull that bike out of the ditch my eyes did one of those cartoon tricks (where my eyeballs googled out and back in quickly)...
i really was just sooooooooo relieved everyone was ok:D
d xx

Tanya said...

Oh Dani!! so glad everything is ok!! I would have done exactly the same thing!! Hubby loves motorbikes... me I dislike them big time!! He used to ride them all the time.. the bigger & faster they were the better!! Needless to say he doesn't ride one at the moment , but he assures the time will come! lol.

Have a great day,

love Tanya xx

Amanda said...

Richard sometimes 'jokes' about getting a bike to go to/from work in. He's been told to forget it!
I would feel the same way as you did if i was in your position.
Hope you gave him into trouble for being away for so long!!!

Take a deep breath and relax...

Love Amanda xx

dani said...

i don't even want to know how fast he goes on the thing:/ he does wear a helmet for whatever that's worth.
as long as you can keep your hubby's desire at bay, good for you:D
d xx

dani said...

i didn't fuss at him, but i did let him know what had happened and told him it could have just as easily been him... he just replied that HE knew what HE was doing...
did i say, "i hate motorcycles!!!"??? yes, i did:/
dani xx

Cheri and Jesse said...

Dani, I'm so glad that your story ended with relief and a laugh.


dani said...

me too, cheri!!! me, too:D
d xx

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I'm reading this post, the suspense building and me thinking oh goodness, please God, don't let that be John's bike. Then of course you had me spraying water all over my computer screen (which I have now cleaned up) as I cacked myself with the whole orachonda thing.

Note to self: Never, ever drink anything while reading your blog. Hysterical laughter could be set off at any time and without warning!!

I am so relieved and thankful to know that John is OK and what a story you would have had to tell him when he got home.


dani said...

so sorry about the spray... oh, he got a story when he got home alright!!! but, he informed me upon arriving from work yesterday afternoon that he is going on a "bike ride" with all his friends from work on saturday.
i gave him "the look" to which he replied, "i'll be fine; and if i'm not just pay the house off with the insurance money..."
sigh!!! boys with their toys:?
love and hugs,
dani xx

Purple Teacup said...

I would have done the same thing!

dani said...

and, i would do it again under the same circumstances, pt!!!

PhotoChick said...

OK Girl, I'm playin MAJOR catch up on commenting! I'm about to SLAM you with comments I should have made about a year ago... er, at least a month. Now, I want to say for the record that I HAVE read everything - shoot, I read you every time you post something! (Gotta love Bloglines, huh?) But now you'll get to hear my oh-so-deep thoughts on your wonderful writings

I couldn't help but nod knowingly when I read your reaction - that's me too sister! I'm a natural worry wart, and especially when it comes to something like motorcycles! There's a reason my sister calls riders without a helmet organ donors (she works in the ER at Deaconess... trust me, she knows...)

Motorcycles scare the snot outa me. Unfortunately or not though, I'm actually quite used to them. My Dad raced motocross and enduro for years & years, I used to date guys in college (ok, actually for their motorcycles!), and Laura's boyfriend has a motorcycle now. ANYWAY!

Boy, I bet you're glad you don't have to talk to me on the phone - IF you'd ever get a word in edgewise, you'd have to redirect to our original subject every 2 minutes! HeHe!

Oh yeah! Thank God that John is fine! That's what I originally wanted to say.

Well, now I'm of to all your other fun posts! Love ya girl!


dani said...

bless your heart amanda... you are playing catch up... yeah, motorcycles are NOT my thing:D
btw, what in the world are you doing up at this hour??? me??? i totally have my days and nights mixed, ha!!!

PhotoChick said...

That's what my Mom says about me too - that I have my days and nights mixed up! I always have loved the nighttime, but last night I didn't really have a lota choice. Livia just kept waking up! And yes, I could have tried to catch half-hour naps in between her wakings (it seriously takes me about a half-hour to actually fall asleep) but I was having so much fun anyway, that I decided that I'd just wait it out til she was really 'out for the count'. I only need about 5-6 hours of sleep anyway! I bet you don't require a whole lot of sleep either, do you?

All my Love,