Monday, May 12, 2008

ok, so i have succeeded in utterly confusing you...

there are three d's including me:

(names with faces)

no, we are not triplets, em (i am one of two in my family... my brother ollie (oj) and i).

we 3-d's are best friends!!!

~the "anonymous d" that i wrote about on mothers' day eve and i have been friends for a very, very long time. she and i grew up in the town in which we still live. she is the one who is married to john and has elizabeth katherine (aka 'kate').
~then there is the "notorious d" (aka dana over at 'moon pie in the sky'). she is the friend that moved to and now resides in florida with her husband curt and two boys, will and sam.
~finally there is me, dani, i am not notorious nor anonymous... just dani, LOL!!! i am married to john and have katherine elizabeth.

i am sorry about the confusion. as i said to tania over at 'little sweethearts', "if you think you're confused you should have seen the lady at the chinese restaurant the first 8 or 10 times we dined there as a threesome!!!"

anyway i hope that helps and sorry for the confusion:D

have a great monday all!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Little Sweethearts said...

Thanks for clearing up the mystery!

Funny that anonymous D and yourself are both married to a John as well!!! Hey, I'm fully awake now, so I can pay better attention ;)


Amanda said...

You do all look alike in the pictures anyway!
Hope you have a nice day,
Love Amanda x

dani said...

when i started typing, i thought the john thing was possibly going to re-confuse... lol, that is why i placed dana between us in the explanation.
i hope you've had a great day:D

dani said...

we look more alike in the photos than we do in real life. but they are like my sisters in all ways other than blood. i couldn't love a sister any more!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

Tabitha said...

I am glad you explained that ~ at least when I read your posts now I know who is who!!!
I agree, you do all look alike in the photos ~ I am not suprised people get confused (ha ha!!).
Have a wonderful day,
Tabitha XX

Tanya said...

Thanks Dani! now I know who is who lol. was totally confused! How wonderful to have such beautiful friends!

Have a great Monday..


Tanya xx

dani said...

tabitha, in person i am about a foot shorter than my cohorts!!! (and chunkier, unfortunately:[...)
ha!!! but the names are very confusing.
i'm so happy i could clear things up a bit:D

dani said...

dana (the notorious one) and i took tennis lessons one summer. when she first called me to ask me if i wanted to take with her, i asked if she knew anyone that was taking to which she replied, "a few people from church... possibly donna, dena, dena's twin sister (donna), debbie, tina and heather!!! how would you have liked being that teacher???
i'm sure he would have been like, "thank GOD for tina and heather!!!
as it turned out, the twins didn't take lessons with us; but mr. hill still had problems with the 4 d's he had:DDDD
i promise to try not to confuse you anymore:b
love and hugs,
dani xx

Kellan said...

Thanks for the clarification - nice that you have two such good friends!

Hope you had a great day - see you - Kellan

dani said...

you are welcome.
it is very nice!!!
i did have a great day,
and i look forward to "seeing you" soon:D
d xx

E and T said...

All the D's exposed. What a beautiful thing that you three amazing ladies are all such good friends.

I agree with Tania from Little sweethearts. Fancy 2 out of the three D's being married to a John!!

As I'm nearly ready to call it a day, you are just starting yours. I hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

Love and hugs

dani said...

dear elise, lol, fancy that indeed:D i hope you get a good night's sleep!!!
sweet dreams and lots of love,
dani xx