Wednesday, May 7, 2008

young at heart...

my sleeping habits have indeed turned infantile!!! i have gotten to where i sleep in three three hour intervals. lol, i did have my days and nights mixed up there for a while. now, i don't know what to call it:/

anyway, about a half an hour ago, i got up out of my bed to get something to drink and remembered my laptop was in katherine's room. i quietly snatched my pillows off my bed with john none the wiser and got in bed with her to blog for a while.

it was so sweet, she stuck her head under her covers and nuzzled her face into my side. i would say it was because she loves me sooooooooooooooooo much (which she does:DDD) but, honestly, i think it was to keep the light from my screen out of her face, HA!!! i'll take a nuzzle anytime and however i can get one, though!!!

i love nighttime. every thing is so quiet and peaceful...

i especially love it in the summertime when i can hear the sounds the crickets make and when that sound fades into the sounds of the birds chirping in the predawn hours.

we are truly blessed to live where we live... we are only about 8 blocks from the center of town and only a half a block from one of the busiest streets. but, 'the lane' is very park-like. our house is situated on an acre of ground (almost unheard of for property in the city). the trees in our area are for the most part all virgin woods and are massive. there is really even quite a bit of wild life; it's not that uncommon to see deer, raccoons, possums, and yes even a family of groundhogs. the whole family lived under our playhouse (cubby) for a couple of years. and, of course, rabbits and squirrels are everywhere.

i wrote in a previous post that i live in the house where i was raised (john bought it for my first anniversary from a couple that were relocating). but, i can remember that i had the same feeling i did when i moved in as an adult as i did when i was a child. i felt like i was moving into a cottage straight out of a fairytale.

i've had many happily-ever-after moments here.

you know, i just described one of those earlier in my post... when katherine snuggled up next to me and nuzzled her 15-year-old, little nose into my side. (it's not hard to make me happy and quite easy to keep me content.)i hope she always stays so innocent and young at heart...

(but, truly, it just doesn't get much better than that...)

love and blessings,
dani xx

ps the photography is not great... as i was using my cell phone in the dark (but, a mom's got to do what she's got to do sometimes, hahahaha!!!).


Tabitha said...

How lovely Dani ~ I hope lauren will still snuggle up next to me when she is 15!!!
It must be so lovely living in the house that you grew up in, you are so lucky!!
Have a nice day
Tabitha XX

dani said...

good morning, dear tabitha...
i have a feeling lauren will!!! she has one great, loving mother:D i'm sure she's very aware of that.
and, yes, "HOME" is a blessing. i don't know how i got so incredibly lucky; but, i'm so grateful to have it all!!!
you have a very nice day, too...
hugs back to you,
dani xx

Tanya said...

How beautiful!! It sounds magical where you live Dani!! & how lucky to be living in your childhood home!

Have a great day,

Tanya xx

E and T said...

Hi Dani

Where you live has it all. You've got the best of both worlds - not too far from the city, yet tranquil surrounds teeming with wildlife away from the hustle and bustle. Sounds perfect.

To be able to live in the house you grew up in is such a beautiful thing. The memories, all of the firsts and the celebrations that must have happened in that house would be amazing.

How gorgeous to be able to crawl into bed and get a snuggle from Katherine. Too sweet. I am nearly 35 and still love giving and receiving a big cuddle from my mum.

Have a wonderful day dear Dani.

Love and hugs

dani said...

hi, tanya...
it's probably not as magical as it sounds. but, it is 'home'. i think because it's so old it has a charm about it.
but, like any other it needs a really good spring cleaning, and i need to get rid of a lot of storage (when you never move, it seems you never dejunk).
but, it is pretty here and tranquil for the most part.
sweet dreams to you,
dani xx

dani said...

hi, elise,
this house is definitely full of memories. it's full of ALL of katherine's firsts... and i hope lots and lots of sweet memories for her.
it's funny, but i often take a lot of what living here means to me for granted... until i start to write about it. it's not perfect, really; but, it's ours, and we love it.
and it is pretty awesome to crawl into bed with katherine and get a nuzzle.
she will laugh when she sees the pictures i took of her while she was sleeping, ha!!!
sweet dreams to you, too (bedtime down under)...

Amanda said...

You house sounds lovely, and to have so much land with the wildlife that you see. I wish we could swap houses!
Do the crickets you hear at night time sound like what you hear in the movies?!
Kids are never to old for a wee cuddle, thats what i tell the boys!

Shannon said...

Here's a little secret. I am 37 and my sister 40, still snuggle in bed with my mom when we are home visiting. It's a girl thing!

The boys always wake up early, sometimes as early as 3 a.m. and crawl into bed with them. They eat it UP!

My mother has RA and has spent many hours playing in her bed with the grandkids, since she can't get down on the floor.

I'm sure Katherine will cherish these moments as well.

Trish in Texas said...

That is so precious! What a sweet moment that you thought to capture. I think the pictures have an ethereal quality to them that makes them even cooler. Who knew a cell phone could do that?

dani said...

lol, amanda... have you seen the movie "the holiday"??? maybe some day we could swap for a couple of weeks, HA!!! you're close to the beach; i'm close to the river. that would work:D
yes, the crickets do sound just like in the movies. i didn't realize... i guess you don't have them in scotland???
love and hugs, dani xx

dani said...

i didn't realize your mom had ra... that is so sweet about you and your sister. does she live close to your parents???
i can totally see you being a cuddler with your mom as well as your boys. i bet they ALL eat it up!!!
d xx

dani said...

hey, trish...
i wasn't sure about the cell phone camera working for me given there's no flash. it did give the photos a very different affect for sure.
have a great evening,
love and hugs,
dani xx

Amanda said...

Ha-Ha! We have killer Midges instead! And my boys would have alot of fun by the river, believe me they would.
Love that movie 'The Holiday'

Amanda xx

dani said...

i looked up killer midges... there's no wonder the beach was empty, HA!!! YIKES!!! you may just have to come visit us:D our crickets don't bite...
d xx