Sunday, May 4, 2008

shine, ava... SHINE!!!

(i love you guys!!! dani xx)

when i started blogging, i had to make myself do it.

my reasoning for starting my blog had to do with, my grandmothers. both, were the most important people in my life, ALWAYS!!! they ranked right up there with john when i married him and katherine when i had her... i loved all four of them unconditionally and with ALL my being... the four just made my heart beat; they were as important to me as the air i breathed and the water i drank. the love was mutual, totally reciprocated... it was a love i can only compare to God's.

my maternal grandmother died in 1997, and my paternal grandmother died in 2003. (after my last post, you can only imagine how devastated i was by both.) but, God brought me through those very tough times. however, there's something i always wished they had done... written!!! ...not necessarily a journal nor a diary but a note here or there. or, i wished they'd jotted down things that made them laugh, things that made them cry, things that they loved, etc... but, neither did.

so, i thought i'd write by way of blogging so that katherine and maybe someday my grandchildren would be able to read about my life and the things that have touched me.

when i first started blogging, i didn't tell anyone (not because it was a secret or anything) but katherine. she knew because we would have girl parties in her bed on friday nights, and both of us would be doing different things on our laptops. i read many of the first ones to her.

i had a few friends who blogged, and i read their blogs occasionally.

one night, i was on a friend's blog and happened to click on one of her links entitled, "SHEYE ROSEMEYER PHOTOBLOG". after doing so, i began to read. sheye's world was a world of love, family, beauty, happiness, and, unfortunately, even grief...

the grief of losing her enamoring little girl,

her "super-princess"...


i saw how the rosemeyer's loss had touched so many around the world in so many positive ways. AVA's story reminded mothers and fathers not only to keep their car doors locked, their cars parked in the shade, and to make sure to teach their children never to get inside a parked car. her story shined a bright light on the importance for all parents to cherish every day of their children's lives, to take not one moment for granted, and for them to continue to share ava's brilliant light...

sheye has so many wonderful, real, and beauty filled posts and photographs and such kind and supportive blogger friends (as well as strangers).

sheye rosemeyer is a sharer...

as i read her comments, i thought to myself how many truly amazing people there are in this world!!!

...a world that is right at my fingertips...

i feel fortunate to have happened onto sheye's blog. through it i have learned to show love a little more, share more of my time, and i have made many new, wonderful friends i would never have made from places i would never have imagined. i have been blessed with many new friendships, kind words, and lots and lots of hugs!!!

i just want to say to you all...


and, thank you, GOD...

who would have ever thought that a super princess' story from the other side of the world would shine a light so brightly down a path to being a better mother, to making new friends, and to realizing a new found love for sharing...

(shine, ava... shine!!!)

love and blessings to you all,

(disclaimer**** if anyone would rather i take your image off my slide show, please let me know as it will be no problem to do so...:D)


pakosta said...

how beautiful.
and ava has touched my life so very deeply as well.

Moonpie said...

It is quite amazing how God works out beautiful stories through tragedies. I tell people about my blog and mention my fellow bloggers as "My friends who don't know they're my friends!" It truly makes this world much smaller!

Shannon said...

Dani, If it were not for my blog and others I would have gone totally insane months ago. I have kept in touch and felt a little less homesick through many posts and pictures.
Some posts make me ever so aware of how lucky I am and how thankful I should be. So....please keep blogging. I look forward to reading your daily. I sometimes (ok, always) check it several times in hopes that you have blogged twice in one day.

kristen said...

That is so beautiful !!

One thing I would love to know.
Can you please tell me how you cut photos like Ava's to put on your blog. I have tried Control C but don't think that's right.

dani said...

there's just something very special about that little girl... i don't think anyone could keep from being touched by her.
and, i can't put my finger on what it is either.
she just seems to have been a messenger of GOd. and now an angel among us.
she honestly is a constant reminder to me to hug my 15 year-old daughter a little tighter for a little longer and to enjoy every second i am with her... and, i do!!!
it was so nice that you commented. come back any time!!!
dani xx

dani said...

ava is the silver lining... and the fact that she has touched so many people far and near just goes to show how special she was and how small the world really is.
i posted once that i like to keep my garden small. but, i also like to have a plethera of God things growing in it... i look at my blog friends as new seeds HE's given to me to sow!!!
love you,

dani said...

i honestly don't know what i did with my days before i started blogging. i guess i just did a load of laundry here and there, swept and dusted occasionally, and spoiled maggie.
it has done wonders for my sanity, too!!!
i didn't realize how homesick you are... i'm really sorry. i guess i just think of you as being someone who's a sweetheart, is beautiful, and can just fit right in anywhere without missing a beat.
you did it so beautifully here!!!
i will pray for you that minnesota will start to feel like home soon and that some really lovely families will embrace you guys. they just don't know what they're missing out on; do they;D
love you,

dani said...

hey, kristen...
thank you!!!

i left you a comment on your site about uploading pictures. if you need more information, just let me know:D
i hope you are having a beautiful afternoon.
love and hugs,
dani xx

Tabitha said...

What a beautiful post. I also found Sheyes blog when I first started blogging and Avas story just broke my heart.
I too am truly blessed to have found so many wonderful 'blog friends' ~ including you Dani!!!
Have a wonderful day.
Take care friend!!!
love and heaps of hugs,
Tabitha XX

meganxxx said...

Hi Dani
I have just discovered your blog through comments you have left on others and I loved reading yours.

Sheyes blog is one that compels me to keep reading-I count my blessings every day and she helps me to "keep it real".

My eldest daughter Maddy is truning 16 this year and i have enjoyed reading the adventures of Miss katherine and your lovely self.

Take care
love meganxxx

E and T said...

Dani, you are such a beautiful person and I am so honoured to be able to call you my friend. Through your posts and comments I have come to know your wonderful qualities - you are selfless, caring, witty, kind, loyal, family orientated, fun-loving and considerate. What a gal you are!!

Like you, I started blogging so that I could record my thoughts and bits and pieces about our lives for our children. Now, blogging means doing this and so much more to me.

Sheye's blog was one of the first that I stumbled across and it literally changed my life. From there I have met other amazing, inspirational women that I otherwise would never have met. What a privilege blogging has been and it has touched my life in so many positive ways. I never ever would have thought that this could happen through blogging.

Ava really is a Superprincess, only a Princess could touch the hearts and lives of so many people around the world. So many people leave comments on Sheye's blog (me included) about how after learning of Ava they are now more aware about living in the moment and not sweating the small stuff.

Thank you my friend for making my heart sing and bringing a smile to my face on a regualr basis.

Love and hugs

dani said...

heaps of hugs back to you, tabitha!!! you and elise were the first two of my new friends abroad. you have made me feel so embraced.
i wish some days i could stop at a wine and cheese shop, drive over, and hang out with you, daniel, and lauren.
but, that big body of water between us poses quite the problem, HA!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

hi, megan...
so, you have a daughter turning 16 this year, too. i love the age; but then again i have loved, loved, loved every age (well, 3 was a little trying, lol, but i wouldn't have traded a second of it)!!!
i'm really happy that you commented. please, stop by anytime:D
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

dear elise,
you to are very special to me:D you awarded me with a "you make my day" award. well, your posts have made many a day for me as well.
as i said to tabitha, you and she were my first new blogging friends. it's weird, but i feel like i've known you for a life time.
thank you for always being so kind and compassionate. heaps of hugs to you, too!!!
dani xx

Tabitha said...

Dani ~ I just popped back over and noticed the photos at the start of this post ~ that is soooo lovely ~ when I visited last time there were just hearts and no photos!!!!
You are such a lovely person ~ I wish we lived right next door to you~
enjoy your day!!!!
love and hugs

Little Sweethearts said...

Oh Dani, what a beautiful post! And I'm honoured to be called one of your friends. (Hugs!)

I too have shed many tears since discovering Sheye's blog. She writes from the heart and touches each and every one of us. Ava, her Superprincess, has changed the lives of many and I'm so grateful that one day, many months ago, I discovered her blog.

Blogging makes the world seem so much smaller, far away places are just a click away and new friendships I would never have imagined are made right here at my fingertips. Thanks for sharing Dani.

Knuffel (Flemish for hug),

Amanda said...

A truely beautiful post, Dani.
Your slideshow at the begining is just lovely, with the love hearts falling over the picture and the beautiful background music really touched me. I had to call hubby over to have a look!
God bless little Ava xxx

thanks again for such a lovely post,
Amanda xx

dani said...

oh, tania...
thank YOU!!! a big knuffel back to you. i just feel it an honor to have found you all the way over in "chocolate heaven":D
and truly all thanks to ava...
love and knuffels,
dani xx

dani said...

i'm happy you liked the slideshow. after i put it together i was afraid someone might be offended that i used her image. i really hope no one is;)
i hope you've had a great day; was it a holiday for you too???
love and blessings,

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Oh my Dani. Wow. Thankyou so much..sometimes I'm left speechless (incredible but true)..and this is one of those times..
Thankyou sweet girl and thankyou to everyone for your beautiful comments. My heart sings.
Love Sheye

kristen said...

Thank you so much Dani. I think I have got it. Such a simple thing when you know how.
Another one of my god sent angels, Dani.
Have a great day.

Robin said...

Dani, thanks for the wonderful way you honor Ava. I found Sheye's blog as well through a friend. Ever since I have felt that I've found a soul sister on the other side of the world. I've lost a daughter as well and through Sheye I am learning more how to honor her beautiful memory every day.

I felt such a wave of emotion reading your post, it really took my breath away. Sheye is an amazing person and so are you!


dani said...

i think you are very special as well. i am so sorry that you lost a daughter, too. i had no idea...
but, i am grateful that you found a soul sister in sheye as i believe she is a most perfect soul sister for you to have;)
i will keep you in my prayers!!!
love and a great big hug,
dani xx

dani said...

oh, you are so welcome kristen. i am glad it worked for you:D
love and hugs,
dani xx