Wednesday, May 7, 2008

what i like to do wednesday...

i know, obviously i like to blog given that this is my second post today (and you probably think i have too much time on my hands!!! you are correct; i do:D)!!!

(four pages of katherine's scrapbook/scrap that!!! so, collages)

when scrapbooking first became a big thing, i went to a party and bought all the stuff i needed to scrapbook. however, i found that i had a really hard time cutting into my pictures.

***at that time, there were no digital photos just hard copies and negatives***

after creating only four pages of katherine's scrapbook, i just couldn't hack into any more of her photos (you can add this to another one of my quirks if you like:b)!!! the thing was i had already purchased lots and lots of scrapbooking paraphernalia; surprise, surprise...

i loved the idea, though, and wanted to put my stickers and such to use.

hence, the framed collages... katherine has a group of four (in the flick above) hanging on her inset wall in her room. i have close-ups of a few of them. (please excuse the picture quality. i had trouble with the lighting because of the glass over the collages.)

i just thought if there were anyone else out there that is as quirky as i am about old hard-copy photos, i would share the idea:D

love and blessings,
dani xx


caitlin said...

Ooh, that's neat! I don't scrapbook because I'm way too anal for it; it wouldn't be fun. So I totally understand the whole, I don't want to cut into the pictures, thing. I'm afraid I wouldn't know when to stop! Just keep cutting and cutting away...

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! I always got triple prints-one set for scrapbooking, one set to give to friends, and one set to put in a photo album! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem!

Tanya said...

Great idea Dani! I have the same problem! that's why I LOVE digital!

Did I knit Sam's beanie.... absolutely NOT!!! lol. I couldn't knit anything to save myself! I bought it from Pumpkin Patch!!

Thanks for your lovely comments!!

Have a beautiful Wednesday? Thursday arvo here!!

Tanya xx

dani said...

caitlin, you crack me up...
NO SCISSORS FOR YOU!!! HA!!! really i'm not that anal until it comes to something creative. then, too much stuff waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over stimulates me:o i'm like whoa!!!
d xx

dani said...

i would know to do that now, but when katherine was little my parents lived in new hampshire. so, i would get double prints and send her a set, and i would keep a set.
anyway, i didn't start scrapbooking until katherine was like 4. i only had one set of her older pictures and hadn't kept up with the negatives the way i should have. so, i think that the problem was that i was cutting up (in most cases) my only copy.
it would be a different story, now.
i may just start scrapping kat's high school years given that i have everything digital, now:D
d xx

dani said...

i totally love digital, tanya. and you are so welcome. i am going to have to check out pumpkin patch:D
you have a great thursday!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

Amanda said...

Scrapbooking is a good idea, but have never done or tried it.
It must be so much easier to do now with the digital age.
What you have already done looks good though.
I have put a selection of photos of the boys in a glass frame~does that count?
Love n hugs

Amanda x
P-S i like your background music:)

dani said...

it certainly does count, amanda. basically, that's all i did with katherine's then used the theme stickers, etc... to decorate around them. trish "the brass ring" is digitally scrapbooking, which would totally be my cup of tea!!!
i asked her about it yesterday, and she said she is doing it on photoshop. when she finishes she will send the pages to be professionally printed. her pages are really cute.

i hope you've had a nice morning:D
love and hugs,
dani xx

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I'm with you. I can't cut up a picture unless I know I have a copy of it on hand.

I recently went to a craft expo and was so impressed with scrapbooking. For me persoanlly, I think digital scrapbooking would have to be the way to go. I could go absolutely crazy buying all the gear you would need for traditional scrapbooking. Where on earth would I put it?

Love and hugs

Tabitha said...

That looks great Dani. I have never tried scrapbooking ~ but I have so many photos and things that it would be a good idea!!
I agree with you about the photos ~ there are some of the children when they were little that I only have one of and I wouldn't cut them up!!!
Hope you have a nice day,
love and hugs
Tabitha X

dani said...

when i first started scrapbooking, all i needed to have at hand to work on the pages did take up a lot of space. it's just wasn't for me.
but, those who do it have incredible hand-made end products!!!
i hope mini boy blue is allowing you to sleep well about now:D
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

hey, tabitha...
i hope your day has been full of sunshine and gardening:D it sounds like you have been having some awesome weather, lately!! and, good for you!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

rhonda said...

i have always despised cutting hard copy pictures too!!!!! and like you, i get WAY too overstimulated with all the STUFF that comes with scrapbooking!!!

dani said...

that's why we did so well sharing our little space. we didn't have enough room to get overstimulated, HA!!!
d xx