Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the mouth of the south...

(my incognito kitty...)

i never have to ponder long about what to blog... the stories usually come to me. and sometimes... just sometimes they physically come to me. today she did meowing so loudly i'm sure the not-so-near neighbors could hear:D

maisey, my little half-pound, pound kitty turned 22 pound phat-cat just came galloping i mean running through the house to bring me a "mousie" (not a real one) so that we could play fetch. yes, fetch as in i throw the "mousie", she runs to retrieve it, and she brings it back to me so that we can go through the whole process several more times.

uh-huh, we are all "animal confused" in this house given dogs are supposed to fetch (right???)...

but, i am pretty sure i am a female homo sapien!!!
yes, i am quite sure of it;P

anyway, back to maisey...

on february 12, 2003, we lost our first family pet, mabel, my stripy kitty!!! i felt in my heart that i needed to quickly attempt to fill that big void she left. thus, on valentines day i awoke, took katherine to school, came home, and quickly got on the phone in an attempt to find us another female stripy kitty. i called every place i knew to call in the tri-state area.

ONLY ONE FEMALE (a solid black one)!!!

i called john, "dear, i'm getting a kitten today."
"hey, i'm in a meeting right now. i'll call you back as soon as i get out so that we can talk about it," he whispered in reply.
"i didn't call to talk about it; i just wanted to let you know that i'm going to pick her up in a minute:D"
"OH, uh... well, ok... just don't get one of those damn siamese cats!!!"
"why??? i mean i wasn't planning on getting a siamese anyway; but, why???"
"because they're too damn loud... i gotta go. love you. bye..."

i didn't mention that the one black cat that i was going to get was in a litter of all boys that were found here in one of our parks following a really bad ice-storm and that the lady at the shelter said the only way they knew that the litter wasn't full-bred siamese kittens was because of the one black, female kitten in the litter; did i??? yeah, i failed to mention that to john, too...

as soon as i hanged up the phone i raced to the animal shelter (the lady told me that they wouldn't hold her for me as it was a first come first serve basis). i sped like i thought she was a hot commodity. i won; i was the first to arrive... followed by three or four others who were dropping adult cats.

i looked at her, told the lady i wanted her, and started filling out the paperwork. as i was filling out the paperwork being the sap i am i started crying over the loss of my mabel... ok, i was sobbing as i had to explain my pet owning history, what had happened to my previous pet, etc... i took the paper work back to the window and handed it to the lady.

without even looking up at me, she started her spiel... "we have to do a background check on you before we can let the kitten go; it will take about three..." she paused before getting out the word, "days", when she saw my face (i splotch when i cry). "oh, honey..." she said, "i think we can bypass the holding time. i'll let you go ahead and take her... if there's a problem, we have your address... hmmm, i don't think there will be a problem. let me go get her for you."

she did, i paid, and "maisey" and i were on our way.

i stopped by the church with maisey in her box in tow as i was supposed to help the notorious and anonymous d's with the valentines day party.

maisey let out a huge, siamese "MEOW"...

the anonymous d looked over at my baby in her box and said, "that cat's got siamese in her!!!

"oh, ish!!!" i thought to myself. i told them about what john had said on the phone.

the anonymous d laughed and said, "he's going to know..."

how could he not know???
i'd just left the animal shelter with THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH, for heaven's sake!!!

she was right; he knew within about five minutes of his getting home from work. but, he never said a word, and we've had her since...

btw, mabel was a fetcher too.
go figure!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Amanda said...

Cute kitty:)
We rescued a cat from 'Cats Protection' , a charity that looks after and rehomes stray and unwanted cats. Her name is Purdie. That was the name already given to her and we didn't have the heart to change it!
Maisey has landed on her 4 paws getting a home with you!

Love (and give maisey a cuddle for me!)

Amanda x

dani said...

hey, amanda...
if purdie is the black and orange cat you have on your slide show, we have another cat, mia, that looks just like her. (we have two black cats and a dog). i love the name purdie; i wouldn't have changed it either:D
d xx

Tabitha said...

What a great story, my Mum said that she would never have any more cats when her 2 died, within a week she had been and bought 2 kittens (millie and Brandy!!), and they are like her babies ~ she won't go to bed at night until they are both in (ha ha)~ they are a few years old now but are still lovely!!
Hope you have a great day,
love Tabitha XXX
PS I have some kitty pictures for my blog today too!!

dani said...

i'm on my way over for your kitty story right away:D
good for your mum!!! i firmly believe that it is a good thing to get another pet when you lose one. it allows an outlet for your pet love; it gives another animal a loving home; and taking care of a new "baby" keeps the sad mind and heart occupied.
d xx

Amanda said...

Thats Purdie on the slide show!
When we got her there was a choice, her or a big boy cat. The boy cat hissed at us, and Prudie purred at us, so it wasn't hard to choose! ( her nickname is purry, is that how you spell it? Rhymes with curry!)

Love Amanda x

dani said...

that's how we spell it. maisey's a big purrer, too. mia purrs but very softly. john says maisey's purr sounds like a two-cycle-engine!!!
d xx

Tanya said...

Beautiful story Dani!! My mum's cat is so not a normal at!! he behaves just like a child... when mum phones me, within minutes Milo is on her lap trying to get her attention.. you see it's all about him... he even loves water! LOL. Our little darling is Cleo... she's not allowed in the house (I know I'm so terrible) but our eldest son is asthmatic.. so outside it is.. Sunday night we had a storm... the sound of hail hitting the roof woke me up, I though s**t the car is out!!!! anyway next minute hubby walks into the lounge (it's right across from our room) acting a little weird... yep he had gone and let Cleo in... he said she was absolutely terrified... so he sat with her until the storm had passed then put her back outside.. you know what was so funny though... he acted like a little child who had just been caught out... he didn't know that I had seen him!! LOL.

Sorry about the long post,

Have a great day,

Love Tanya xx

dani said...

i love how husbands try to be all macho about pets. and, they are the first to baby them and see after them. at least john is that way:D
dani xx

E and T said...

I love all of your animal stories Dani.

Maisey is one lucky cat who would have never been able to find a better home than yours.


dani said...

we are very fortunate to have been able to adopt her!!!
love you,
dani xx

Dana said...

I remember you bringing her to the church that day! She WAS yowling like a siamese!! I Love the pic of those 2 in the hoodie!!!

dani said...

YOWLING!!! is right, d... my little girls in the hood-ie, ha!!!
d xx

Purple Teacup said...

We had to put one of our cats outside because he sprays pillows and couches when I am gone. He is very weird, and LOUD. He is black and white, so perhaps he is a long lost cousin of your kitty......

PhotoChick said...

Wish I could hear your 'Mouth of the South' - I bet she's a hoot! Well, that's to someone who LOVES kitty cats and doesn't actually have one to meow at me. Unless I go out to my parents. They have Henry, a fairly vocal black cat - his are mostly "murrs" (soft meows that just turn into purrs) I've never even seen a real Siamese up close, much less heard one. Oh, I bet it's too cute!

dani said...

believe me, amanda... you wouldn't have to be close up to a siamese in order to hear one. their regular meow sounds like a big ol' tabby in heat:D