Friday, May 30, 2008

the "white plate special"...

(just what the doctor ordered... southern style)

well, hey, all...

i'm back after a not so little hemorrhage, a unit of fresh frozen plasma, 2 units of blood, and an all-inclusive 3 day/2 night stay in the maternity ward at st. mary's medical center... no, i did not have a baby. but, i will have to admit when the tech first squirted the heated ky gel on my tummy and i looked up at the monitor, i had a moment of hope and wonder:)
but, there will be no more babies for me without a true miracle...

here is where my public service announcement goes>>>

a hemorrhage along with blood that will not clot is a dangerous mix, REALLY!!! and, i am going to say that i was thisclose to going back home instead of taking myself to the hospital on tuesday morning because i felt more like going back to bed (exhausted) than dealing with an emergency room.

had i made that choice, i was told i probably wouldn't have been alive to pick katherine up from school on tuesday afternoon...
it would have totally been my own decision to go back home and to bed.

further, let me just say that i have not told you any of this for your sympathy (as i am usually very private about my health matters) but TRULY for educational purposes only. it was NOT smart of me to have gone so long without having the blood work-ups that i was supposed to have been having monthly. my only defense in the matter is that i have been on the same dosage for all these years, and the only time i have had to readjust my coumadin (blood-thinner) dosage is when i have had to take antibiotics, which i haven't had to take in ages.

if you are wondering why i have a picture of a plate of food at the top of my post, it is because the 'anonymous d' sent her darling, little elizabeth katherine escorted by ek's sweet, sweet grandmommie with that meal in tow. the anonymous one knew that the iron i have been having to take to build my hemoglobin up has been 'killing' my stomach.

so, being the amazing friend she is, she sent me comfort food, AND IT WORKED!!!

(who needs mary poppins when you have super-d's??? i ask!!!)

why did i call it the white plate special??? meg m.'s (who i used to help babysit and later visited in memphis after her family moved) mom, annie, used to refer to the cracker barrel's dumplings and mashed potatoes that meg always ordered as "the white plate special". annie died about a year ago. so, when i pulled the food from the bag i smiled sweetly at the words i could hear her voice saying in my head...
the reference i'd heard so often...

thank you, "anonymous d" et al for the "white plate special"... as well as all you dear blogger friends who have sent well wishes and prayers my way!!!

you know, heaven smiles softly and hears every prayer...

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Tabitha said...

OMG Dani ~ Thank god you went to the hospital, I don't even want to think of the alternative. When I read Danas post, I thought maybe you had the flu or something ~ nothing that serious!!!
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad and happy that you are feeling better now and that it is sorted out.
Take care of yourself ~
love Tabitha XXX

Shannon said...

I have been a little worried...since you hadn't blogged in a few days. Now I know why? I do hope all is well and under control now. Thank God for your recovery!!!!

E and T said...

Dani, when I clicked into your blog for about the 20th time today to see if you were back online I was so releived to see a post. However, like Tabitha, I assumed you had come down with a flu or something like that. Upon reading your post I was horrified to know that you have been sooooo sick.

Thank God that you did get yourself to that hospital.

Dani, I will continue to pray that you regain your strength and please know that you are not far from my thoughts. Thank God that something inside of you made a decsion to go to the hospital.

Sending extra hugs, love and prayers to you my friend. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

You sure don't do anything by halves!


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Dani, you poor darling! How are you feeling now, weak I guess? Is it to rude of me to ask why your on blood thinners?
I can understand you having a little wish there was a baby there when you had the ultrasound. Due to more ovarian probs etc than I can be bothered mentioning I've had countless pelvic untrasounds and although I know at each one I can't and wont be pregnant there's always that tiny hope!
Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can get yourself back on your Wii fit!!!

Love em

dani said...

tabitha... honestly, God is the reason i went to the hospital; i know He is. i kept thinking to myself that i would just take katherine to school, go back home, lie down for a while, and call my doctor when he got into the hospital.
the "a" d called on my way to take katherine to school and during my conversation she mentioned the word "hemorrhage". i knew that was what was happening. so, i went to the er instead. it just took someone saying it outloud.
thank you again for your concern:)
love and big hugs back to you!!!

dani said...

hey, shannon...
yeah, it's been a looooooooooooong week here:/ i am supposed to go to have some blood-work this afternoon. so, that should tell me if my hemoglobin is continuing to rise and if my clotting factors are in range.
i'm sure all is well:)

dani said...

thank you so much for your continued prayers, elise.
no, no flu for me... lol, i never have anything with the adjective, "common" attached!!!
i just hope you are feeling better as well. i have thought of and prayed for you often, too, over the past few days.
love and hugs,

dani said...

hey, em,
i have complicated anti-phospholipid syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease that causes my blood to throw clots.
after i had katherine in 1992 i started having tia's (mini-strokes) and was diagnosed in 1994. i've been on coumadin since then.
the fact that i was able to have katherine was a miracle in and of itself. i'm so sorry you have to deal with ovarian problems. but, aren't we blessed to have been able to have the children we have!!!
ps... katherine loves the wii fit!!! (i haven't even thought
about getting on it, yet.) if i understood her correctly it tells you how many calories you burn, your fat/mass index, weight, etc...
HA!!! it will be quite interesting when i finally do feel like giving it a try!!!

Kellan said...

Oh, I am so glad you went to the hospital! THis sounds like my phenomia story - you are so lucky and I'm glad you are okay!!!

Have a good weekend - take it easy! Kellan

dani said...

thank you, kellan...
life does continue to happen as we blog along; doesn't it!!!
love and hugs,

Amanda said...

It's so nice to see you back!
I was thinking too that you had a virus or something like that, boy i was wrong.
I hope you are resting well and getting your strengh back:-D
Yes, those iron tablets are nasty, but hopefully you won't need them for much longer.
Thank-you God that you are alright now.
Take lots of care,
Love and big hugs,
Amanda xx ( Sally sends a lick too )

dani said...

hi, amanda...
the iron tablets aren't too bad so long as i take them with the most starchy, fattening foods!!! i would say it's a good excuse, but before long it's going to show (and as i've said before i don't need any more weight to show)...
i am feeling better; thank you:)
love and big hugs back,

Wendi said...

Wow! I'm so glad you are okay. I'm also really pleased that you seem to have such a sweet support around you. Aren't friends wonderful? God is good in providing just what we need. Comfort food is awesome!! :)

Tanya said...

Oh Dani!!! I'm so glad you went to hospital! I too thought you'd had a bout of the flu... I can tell you I had goosebumps reading this post! Praise God for his divine intervention and for loving friends who tell you what you need to hear and then send yummy plates of goodness!
Take care my beautiful friend,
Sending all my love, hugs & prayers,
as well as a little SUNSHINE your way :)

Tanya xxxx

dani said...

yes, wendi...
His providence always comes at just the right time!!! and there is nothing that compares to the support system He has provided me; that's for sure!!!

dani said...

dear tanya,
i'm glad i went to the hospital, too. it's weird because i knew something wasn't right, but i had no idea that something was so drastically wrong.
thank you for your kind words:D

Kellan said...

Hi Dani - Hope you are doing okay and having a good weekend - see you soon - Kellan

dani said...

i am feeling better:) thank you, kellan!!!

rhonda said...

i can't believe this! i wondered what the heck was going on what with no blog entries, etc.
whew. wee....thank God for God as if not, we'd be in a bunch of crap if we depended on "our own understanding'.......
what can i do to help you???
i can bring you a white plate special too!!! (what a neat story)

dani said...

hey, r...
thank you, but there is actually food in the house now:) and, i am feeling better. i have several appts. this week, but mostly for recheck purposes.
ps you are right we would be in a lot of crap if not for GOD!!!

Dana said...

Hope the Iron doesn't give you the added 'concrete" benefit...think "concrete tar". :) Love you...D

dani said...

lol, think sidewalk chalk!!!

Purple Teacup said...

I am so sorry! I was beginning to wonder...what a bittersweet birthday. BTW, I love Mary Poppins...=)

dani said...

it was a sweet birthday, shannon:) and, i <333 mary poppins, too:D

PhotoChick said...

I'm so glad you're OK - God was really watching out for you, wasn't He? And such a sweet friend your anonymous d is. Bringing you a plate of wonderful yummy-ness and memories.

Thanking God that you're still with us.
All my love,

dani said...

dear amanda,
thank God is right:D He has always been very good to me... so has the anonymous d!!! i am very blessed!!!
thank you for your sweet words...