Saturday, May 24, 2008

where they throw the rolls???

john came in a couple of nights ago from work and with his sheepish grin proceeded to tell me he was going on a motorcycle trip saturday (today). i vaguely remember him saying that a group of guys from work were going to travel to somewhere in missouri. i was more concerned about pointing out the fact that he hadn't gone to the riding classes he promised me he would attend before taking any trips on his harley.

"i'm really good at it, dani," he assured me. "i am always really, really careful."

anyway, last night i asked him what time he would be leaving this morning and
would be returning this evening. he said they were meeting at 8am and should return before dark. so, a little before 8 this morning, john gave me a kiss on the cheek, whispered an "i love you", and said he was leaving. i remember telling him back that i loved him too (and, i do!!!) and to be careful; then i drifted off to sleep.

i got up this morning and did around the house. at about noon, katherine's phone rang. she talked for a few minutes and then told me that her dad had just called to say that he'd gotten there safely... THERE??? where was there???

"where did he say he was?" i asked her. i didn't know he had a destination, as i just thought they were riding???...
"i don't know," she replied, "i think he said somewhere in missouri."

so, i grabbed my cell and called him.

"hello?" he said.
"hey, where are you?" i asked.
"well, i'm standing outside lambert's cafe waiting to get in to eat," he replied.
"the place where they throw rolls???" i inquired.
"yes, i told you where i was going on thursday night."
"i don't remember you saying you were going to lambert's, though. i thought you guys were just going riding..."


thankfully he is home now and in one piece:D
with a full tummy and a sore bottom (bahahahahaaa!!!).


love and blessings,
dani xx


Amanda said...

What if you don't catch, do you get another one!! he-he! And i do hope he is throwing the rolls with clean hands!!!!
Thats the kind of place my boys would just love to visit, but unfortunatley my boys would probably start throwing food back! Yes, my boys are just like little 'animals'!!!!!!!!
Glad John got home safe:)

Love Amanda xx

Amanda said...

Oops, noticed he's wearing gloves!

Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ that is such a man thing ha ha!!! All that way ~ for food...and he sure will have a sore bum from being on the bike all that time (hahaaaahaha!!!).
I had to watch the little video clip twice, I was a bit confused the first time, as I watched it before I read your post (I am silly!!), but it made sense the second time!!
Hope you are having a great holiday weekend,
love and hugs, Tabitha XXX

dani said...

i think it's the three second rule (so long as it's not on the floor for more than three seconds, it's still edible...)


just kidding:D

actually, though i've never been, i would think that many of the rolls hit the floor.
john says that when they throw them they are HOT!!! (like right out of the oven)... so, i'm sure many are dropped.
i am so bad!!! when i found the video of the place, i started laughing think about what the poor boy would do if everyone started throwing the rolls back at him or if it would tempt a food fight!!!
dani xx

dani said...

we are having a great weekend. we've not done much, but we've enjoyed not doing much:D
katherine's had hannah over for most of the weekend, we've eaten take-out, and played guitar hero III. for what more could one ask???
i hope yours is going great as well:)
dani xx (aka wife of one with sore bum)

Purple Teacup said...

I would be so concerned that I wouldn't catch it! But a hot roll sounds so good right now.

dani said...

john said they were very good. he said they bring around warm sorghum and butter for them:b i would have loved a couple of rolls; but not enough to have ridden on the back of a motorcycle for 8 hours to get them...
dani xx

E and T said...

You'd be hoping those rolls are sensational considering his body will be paying for it for at least the next 24 hours, after the long bike ride to get there. Does John think it was worth it?

Glad to hear that John is safely back with his girls.

Love and hugs

dani said...

john loved going; yes, he definitely thinks it was worth it for the ride alone. but, he said the food was incredible!!! (i think he said the restaurant is like in the top 10 nation-wide.)
further, he said he is getting a gel-pad so that his bottom will not get sore the next time, HA!!!

PhotoChick said...

What a goober! I bet his bottom is still sore from that adventure!

dani said...

it probably is, amanda, but he's not complaining:D he said he's getting himself some sort of gel seat cover???
he kills me!!!