Sunday, May 11, 2008

thoughts on mother's day...

(my mother's day gift from GOD that keeps on giving...)

my thoughts on mother's day, i think, may be a little different than the status quo... to me the day is about having been blessed with my child, which i suppose turns it around from the focus being on me as a mom or my mom as my mother.
the joy of mother's day to me is focused more in a downward direction than in an upward one.

without katherine the true meaning of mother's day doesn't exist for me. further, everyday i wake up to having a wonderful, loving, and healthy daughter is a precious gift; the excitement of picking up katherine at the end of a day at school is a precious gift; and the sweetness of looking up seeing her standing at the side of my bed on occasion asking if i want to come and get in bed with her and have a "girl party" is also a precious gift!!!

everyday that begins and ends like this is mother's day!!!

i have made blogger friends that have lost children, for them mother's day is one of the saddest days of the year... i believe because they too look downward as opposed to upward; their children are what make this day mother's day for them. without their children, it's just another day or another reminder of what is missing from what is supposed to be a sweetest day...

in loving memory of the children that have been taken too soon and prayers for those parents who have spent the day missing them...

much love and many blessings on this mothers' day,
dani xx


E and T said...

Hi Dani

I love your persepective on mother's day and agree with it. If we were not blessed with children this day would not exist for us.

Yesterday I said to Savanna, you are the reason that mother's day even exists for me.

Yetserday my thoughts and prayers also went out to blogging friends who have lost children. I also thought of women who cannot have children.

You're right, being blessed with a child and all that involves (the good and the not so good) makes every day mother's day. What a precious gift our children are.

Love and hugs

Tanya said...

Beautiful post Dani... you write so well! Our children are so precious & truly the best gift we could ever receive! My heart goes out to all Mothers everywhere who've lost a child or been unable to have children... I can not imagine my life without my six precious gifts from God!
Hope you're having a beautiful Mother's Day!

Lots of love
Tanya xx

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Dani,

thats so lovely and so true, I was more excited about mothers day than my birthday, it was so special. Plus I wasn't celebrating getting another yr older and having more wrinkes, but having 2 little people I love so much I could gobble up!

Glad you had a nice day,


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Ok so help me out Dani, are you one of triplets? This is like a riddle I can't work out. Am I right?


Tabitha said...

Hi Dani,
What a beautiful yet bittersweet post.
I hope you had a lovely day with Katherine. What you said is so right, children are definitly a gift from god and I thank him every day for my two ~
sending love and hugs across the water!!
Tabitha XXX

dani said...

hi, ladies:D
i did have a great day; and i really hope you all did as well!!!
i love you much,
dani xx