Friday, May 9, 2008

i talked you right through that one...

well, the notorious D had a procedure done yesterday. so, this afternoon after returning from picking katherine up from school, i gave her a call to see how she was feeling.

"i'm in shopping hell!!!" was how she answered the phone...

i thought to myself, what in the "hell" is she doing shopping??? she just had surgery for heaven's sake!!!

"what are you shopping for???" i asked her.
" a pair of black... here's a pair of 32x30... sorry, d, wait a sec..."
"do you need me to let you go?" i interrupted, "i was just calling to see how you were feeling."

(i could tell by the sound of her voice she was feeling like 'ish... you know the sound of your bff's voice when she has that knot in her throat that sounds like her gag reflex is really wanting to flex...
that was the sound.)

"no, no..." she replied, "i'm shopping for will a pair of black slacks for his performance/... tonight, wait a second... i'm talking to miss d, are those too tight??? are they too short??? you're supposed to wear them up a little higher... they're dress pants; you're not supposed to wear them down around your butt... sorry d/"
"i can really call you back later," i proposed.
"no!!! ok, did you see my picture???" the notorious one asked.
"which one???" i said.
"the one of my muscle," she replied.
"that was not YOUR muscle!!!" i exclaimed back into the phone. "i was just kidding when i asked if it were yours and if you took your new fish eye in to get a picture of it!!!"
"it was mine..." she replied.

MY gag reflex was flexing at that point; i thought she'd gotten the picture off the internet...
(dani turning green... starting to talk like that of 'the one of notoriety'...)

"i thought you'd gotten that picture off the internet..." i responded.
she laughed, "no it was mine; i took the picture with my camera phone, though... i didn't think to/... wait a second, d... are those looser, will?" she continued. "i didn't think to grab my camera on the way out, or i would have..."

the conversation went from that to solving all the world's problems in 30 minutes.

(no more talk of black, dress slacks...??? i thought to myself.)

"baaahahahahaaa... are you at home yet???" i asked.
"i sure am," she said. "that was the fastest i've ever bought a pair of pants."
"HA!!! i talked you right through that one..." i laughed.

we've talked each other through a lot over the years:D...
through some good...
through some bad...
but always through laughter:D
and sometimes over a cup of brownie batter;b

love and blessings,
dani xx


Tanya said...

How beautiful to have a friend to talk you through the good & the bad... one of life's greatest gifts!!

Have a great day,


Amanda said...

It's so good to have a friend like that, you are lucky to have each other!

Love Amanda x

dani said...

truer words were never spoken, tanya!!! d is a gift. God has blessed me with many...
you have a great evening:D
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

i am very fortunate!!! i just wish she hadn't moved so darned far away from me:c because i miss her and wish i could be there for her...

love and hugs,
dani xx

Tabitha said...

Those kind of friends are the best!! There through the bad, aswell as the good!!
Have a lovely day ~
love and lots of hugs
(and a hug from Dan and Lauren tooXX).

Kellan said...

I have often been talked through many a house cleaning chore - you know. Been talking to a friend so long that I have done all the dishes, done laundry, made sever beds, etc. - gotten off the phone and been amazed that all my work is done - so pleased.

Cute post!

Have a good Mother's Day - see you - Kellan

Dana said...

You sure did, d! And guess what?? That performance isn't until next Friday I found out too you could have talked to me all stinkn' week! Arrrrgh! Apparently was NOT my week. Looking forward to a better one. Where's that brownie batter when you need it? I think I have a bag in the cabinet!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

dani said...

yes they are, tabitha!!! give the kids a hug back from me, and tell them i said, "sweet dreams..." unless they are already in bed.
i hope your day was lovely.
happy mothers' day eve, luv!!!

dani said...

you have a great mothers' day, too, kellan!!! btw, are you just returning from the "first wedding reception"??? lol, was it lovely???
d xx

dani said...

oh, d... if we could only be as good as the anonymous one!!! we dead beat mothers we... haHAHAHAHAAA!!!
oh, well... better too early than too late on the pants and the performance:b