Monday, May 5, 2008

taffeta gowns, wrist corsages, and a golden moment...

saturday night was "prom night" here in my hometown of henderson, kentucky...
"prom night" brought back many special memories from my prom 21 years ago.


our prom's theme was a "night in san fransisco".

"for one golden moment"

if only for one last golden moment
of glamour,
of romance,
of youth!
a moment to pause.
remember the easy laughter and the joy
reflected in the parade of tonight's faces.

then one last dance,
and the curtain of evening draws nigh.
and as our night of revelry fades into a memory,
so do all our days together,
but i won't cry.
good byes are not forever.

our senior prom was held at henderson county senior high school
april 25, 1987
our theme song was "never say good-bye".
however, "somewhere out there" was sung live by two of our most talented senior vocalists.
my date was guido pochettino.
we dined at the sheffer estate.

the dresses were mostly taffeta and similar in design.
our hair was big.
and the prom was cheesy, but we didn't mind:D

i hope this year's senior class enjoyed their prom as much as we enjoyed ours!!!

("now"... omgoodness i was 21 when these babies were born:O!!!)

love and blessings,
dani xx


Amanda said...

What lovely photos, and the dresses (and kids) all look really good. Doesn't time pass by..
I love 80's fashion, big hair, clothes etc. Last summer there was a 80's fashion revival in our clothes shops, i was guilty and bought some, plastis bangles, earings etc.. but i remember one of my friends saying, 'if you wore it first time around, your too old to wear it second time around!'

Lovely post, Dani,

Amanda xx

Little Sweethearts said...

Is that Bon Jovi song really that old??? Not meaning that you're old, just saying that time does pass by quickly :)

We don't have proms over here. Too bad really, I would have loved to wear an evening gown!


Tabitha said...

We never had a prom when I left school, which is a great shame ~ it wasn't the done thing back then ~ Now it has caught on big time over here and I am glad ~ it means I can see Lauren and Dan go to one (even though I didn't!!).
I would think that Katherine will be having one in the next few years ~ I can't remember how old you are when you have one (must be old age ha ha!!!).
Have a great day ~ the sun is shining and the Hotpoint man cometh!!!)
Love and hugs
Tabitha XX

E and T said...

Hi Dani

Ahhhh the glitz and the glamour. Gotta love the eighties, at least it taught us all that bigger, doesn't necessarily mean better!!

I loved looking through your prom photos. The memories you have from such a night really do last a lifetime and thanks to photos there are so many little details that you can recall just from looking at your pictures. It makes me realise how important capturing moments in time are.

Love and hugs

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Dani,

I just adored that, and you know what struck me most is how mcuh more innocent you and your friends looks compared to this yrs prom kids. Why is that? Were we just kids longer in 'the old days' Like I look at teens now and think, I still looked a kid at 16 but some 16 yr olds today look so much older and less innocent and that makes me sad. Sad for them!

Anyway you looked great and thanks for sharing them with us


Dana said...

Great hair and dresses, D!!!! Can't...wait...I can believe that you still have your prom memorabilia on hand to photograph!!!--D

dani said...

hey, amanda...
who knew??? in the 80's, i didn't know i had "big hair"!!! but, looking back, i definitely did:D
and, all that hairspray... it's no wonder we have global warming, HA!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

bon jovi's old; but, i'm not, lol!!!
the song was on their "slippery when wet" album that was released in good old 1987. i originally had the song on my player last night. but the words to it just didn't seem to go along with the theme of things.
and, yes, unfortunately time does pass by quickly... too quickly.
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

that is too bad you didn't get to have a dance... but you will have great fun when daniel and lauren get to go.
here, prom is for seniors (17-18 year-olds) and their dates, respectively. so, katherine has another 3 years unless she is asked by an upper-classman before that.
i'm so pleased for you that the sun is shining and that you get/got to visit with the "HOT pointman", lmao!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

at least i hope it taught us that bigger is not better. but, as amanda said things are quite cyclical...
i just hope when the 80's roll around again, katherine has already graduated, HA!!!
and, yes, taking pictures is very important. i loved looking through mine. i had some of the actual prom; but they were too dark to post. cameras then aren't what they are now. that's for sure.
we are so fortunate now to have digital cameras as we can take an infinite number of images and store them on the web where they will never get damaged nor lost!!!
love and hugs,

dani said...

for the most part we were much more innocent then than the kids are today. either that, or i lived in a bubble, HA!!!
i really hope that katherine looks back at some point and says the same thing.
so far... she is quite innocent; and i love that about her. i just hope and pray she stays that way until it is time for her to be a grown-up because, i agree, when the kids grow up fast they miss out on so much then seem not to have anything to look forward to and it is very sad.
love and hugs, em!!!

dani said...

you of all people should know that i NEVER throw anything away; all my things just find a bin in which to be stored in the basement...
i still have large boxes of nursery school, kindergarten, etc... memoribilia stored in the basement... all of it.
i actually just threw out that blue prom dress not long ago because the deodorant i was wearing 21 years ago, i guess, finally discolored under the arms (big purple rings, HAHA!!!), even though i had it dry cleaned. go figure!!!
but, yes all that prom stuff is in my senior scrapbook that's busting at the seams.

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

Holy Moly, Dani! Can you believe the girls' dresses these days?! Like you, my dress was Navy blue and gold (which is odd, as I never wore anything else that was Navy blue and gold--Patrick says it was an omen that I was going to marry a Naval officer :)but I am from the fully-beaded, 25 pound dress era. Hehe! As I was looking at your pictures, I said out-loud, "MISS STACY!" Stacy Dixon Fowler was my most favorite teacher at I.B.T. I wanted to be just like her!

dani said...

stacy and i were best friends from jr. high until after i got married. she was my maid of honor.
she is still a very dear friend; but once she started teaching, she was going in one direction and i in another. i lover her to pieces though i hardly ever get to see her.
yes, the dresses have definitely evolved over the years. looking back i'm really glad mine was simple. i like simple timeless things anyway:D
i hope all is well with you and patrick!!!

Kendra said...

I love this post. You looked fabulous for your prom. My cousin had her prom a few weeks ago and I found myself going down memory lane! lol Only to go back .....

Hope your day is good!

dani said...

hi, kendra...
this time of the year is very reminiscent of prom, graduation, etc... i don't think i want to go back though, lol:D
love and hugs,

Tanya said...

Oh Dani great photos from your prom!! Today's teenagers do look so much more grown up don't they!! The kids look just beautiful! & beautiful photos too!!!
Dani your previous "Shine Ava Shine" is just beautiful!! I thought the album of friends that you love was beautiful... then I saw ME!!!! I was totally blown away... thank you so much, you made me cry lol. it has really touched my heart & made my day extra beautiful... it's just awesome having beautiful friends all over the world... thanks again Dani, you've made a huge difference in this mama's life!!

Have a beautiful day, sending big hugs,
Tanya xx

dani said...

your are so welcome, tanya...
you have all been so kind, unique, and embracing. and i just wanted to say, thank you!!!
i'm really happy that you liked the slide show. after i put it together, i was afraid i might offend someone by using her image. (hence the disclaimer at the end)...
i am also really tickled that it made your day a brighter one. i believe those are "ava rays":D
love and blessings,
dani xx
ps tell your beautiful kids that they have a big fan in the usa. they are precious!!!