Friday, May 16, 2008

what it all means...

several have asked for what "ROTFLMAO" stands.

well, it basically means that something is REALLY funny presently
or in retrospect.

like i would use "roftlmao" when reflecting about the time all our church families went to the zoo. the notorious d's husband and i were bringing up the rear of the procession when a duck came out of nowhere and grabbed hold of the leg of my blue jeans... WITH MY LEG IN THEM... AND WOULDN'T LET GO... AND MADE ME SAY A WORD THAT STARTS WITH THE LETTER "F" AND RHYMES WITH DUCK!!! while my bff, curt laughed till he cried instead of pulling the beast off me.

i still have the scar to show for that incident, btw...

(not a photo of my unfortunate incident; but obviously duck attacks... HAPPEN!!!)

ROTFLMAO - stands for "rolling on the floor laughing my arse off"...

btw - is "by the way".

bff - is "best friend/s forever"


now, if something is not necessarily super-hilarious but is pretty darn funny like the time i bought my first laptop and thought it was 'used' because, when i first opened it, i noticed it had a pencil eraser wedged in its keyboard, i would use "lmao" when reflecting upon my ignorance...

"that's not a pencil eraser..." my bff/co-worker, rhonda, informed me.

"that's your mouse!!!"

gmab, all i wanted to know was what company came up with that idea??? i'd never seen a mouse that looked like that one before and haven't since... and, further, it wasn't a good mouse...

here is a picture of it:

(what does it look like to you???)

LMAO - stands for "laugh my arse off"...

gmab - is "give me break"...


lastly, if something just tickles my funny-bone or my fancy, like when katherine refers to her friends as her "peasants", i would use "lol" because it's silly and never fails to make me laugh:D

(hannah, chase, kat, barrett, and jacob)

(actually the "peasants" are pretty funny in in their own right:DDD)

LOL - stands for "laugh.out.loud"...

i think that's all; but always feel free to ask.

i have used jargon for so long, i don't even think about it:]

love and blessings,

dani xx


Tanya said...

You know Dani it always brightens my day after visiting your blog!!! Now when the duck decided you were a tasty morsel... & you said the word that started with f & rhymes with duck.... did everyone hear you??? & isn't it amazing how you can always count on friends to help you out of a sticky situation!!! That duck must have really latched on hard if you still have a scar!! so do you run when you see a duck now? I know I would!!!

Have a beautiful weekend,

Love Tanya xx

Emma-Kate Castricum said...


That was great.

I knew what LOL was and LMAO but had not idea what ROTFLMAO meant and felt like too much of a cyber idiot to ask. I've been trying to work it out myself, does that show I have too much spare time?

If you come up with more can you let me know?



Jen said...

roflmao- I don't know this jargin at all but I know that half of my life is funny in retrospect but almost never presently! I will have to remember this one!

dani said...

i think the only person who heard me drop the "f" bomb was curt (moonpie in the sky's husband)... the same one who was holding his belly laughing while i was trying to kick it off my leg!!!
HA!!! i think that we must have gotten too close to its nest or something. she really did bite hard!!! my scar is not big; but it's there:b
dani xx

dani said...

hey, em...
you weren't the only one to ask. i serve on a message board and am so used to using acronyms, i don't even think about it.
i really shouldn't use them at all in my blog; but i forget. further, i went ahead and listed the rest i thought maybe i use/have used for those who don't know... as i didn't when i first started seeing them (not long after i thought my mouse was a pencil eraser... tee-hee).
dani xx

dani said...

my sentiments, exactly!!! it's always much funnier once the pain subsides...
i remember leaving the zoo thinking ("dang", that was funny; my leg really hurts; i wonder if ducks carry rabies???!!!)
dani xx

Amanda said...

I have a blue one on the middle of my laptop. My husband, not me, refers to it as the 'nipple'.
Thats men for ya!!
Ouch! If a duck did that to my leg, he'd be for dinner:-D
(kidding, don't like duck. Especially not now!)

Love ( i'm still LOL )

Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

I am so glad that you explained all that, I use lol alot (because I know what it means ha ha!!), but I have seen the other abbreviations on yours and other blogs and wondered what they meant (but didn't like to ask incase everyone thought I was a real dimwit lol!!!).
A friend of mine has a farm and I once got cornered by a group of her geese, they were not very nice and made a nasty hissy noise!!!!
I had to shout for help!! (and then run away ha ha!!!).
Have a lovely day,
Take care,
Hugs, Tabitha XX

dani said...

hey, amanda...
my "nipple" was actually kind of greehish blue (that was a picture i found on the internet; i have long since gotten rid of my original one given my kitten spilled a whold glass of milk onto it). i actually loved that laptop, but it DID take a long time for me to like the mouse:D
that's funny that your husband calls it your "nipple"... tee-hee!!!
d xx

dani said...

i wouldn't have thought you were a dimwit at all; and no one else should either. jargon is what it ia... very activity specific slang. only those who use it should be held accountable for knowing what it means (like shorthand). so, always do ask;D
rotflmao(hee)... that you shouted for help then ran. A.BUNCH.OF.GAGGLING.HISSERS.IS.JUST.FOWL!!!
d xx

E and T said...


You've made my day again! You have some of the funniest stories ever. Well, funny from an onlookers point of view after the event, not necessarily when they are actually happening to you.

Thanks for enlightening me, I had no idea about some of these acronyms either. You made me laugh and smarter all in one post.

Dani + farm animals = one hell of a laugh. I wonder why that duck singled you and your leg out?

That computer mouse looks difficult to use. I can't say I have ever come across one like that.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Robin said...

The REAL question is...
Did the duck look like a goat?! LOL!

Robin :-)

dani said...

hi, elise...
so happy to oblige!!! honestly, it was hilarious when it happened; i laughed through the pain. i just wasn't sure she was going to turn loose, and i was getting no aid from my dear friend, curt:/ boys!!!
i really think i must have gotten too close to her nest. from other articles i've read that's usually the only reason they attack, HA!!!

once i got the hang of the mouse, it was not so bad (the biggest problem was playing games... i just didn't have good control. you know me fun first; right???)tee-hee!!!

i hope your weekend has been great as well!!! not many more weeks???

dani xx

dani said...

i don't know what it was for sure... but, it quacked!!! ha!!! have a great rest of the weekend:D
dani xx